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Back feathers of a Crimson Rosella, Bunya Mountains, Queensland, Australia.  //  Crimson Rosella - Psittacidae: Platycercus elegans. Length to 36cm, wingspan to NNcm, weight to 150g. Occurs woodlands and rainforest of south-eastern Australia from Victoria to south-east Queensland. Isolated patches further north. Introduced to New Zealand and Norfolk Island.  One of the blue-cheeked broad-tailed parrots which form a complex taxonomic group in eastern Australia, including th Yellow and Adelaide Rosellas. Feeds mainly on wet food - fruit, seeds, nuts etc. in wetter forests and may become a pest in orchards. Females and juveniles are mainly greenish on the head and body, contrasting strongly with the 'post office' red of the male. Popular in aviculture because of its bright colouration. Sometimes known as Lowry, Pennant's Parakeet, Red Lowry.  //