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Male Raggiana Bird of Paradise courtship display - Baiyer River, Papua New Guinea - captive.  //   Raggiana Bird of Paradise - Paradisaea raggiana. Body length to 33cm, male flank plumes extend 15cm beyond tail-tip, weight to 300g. Occurs only in Papua New Guinea where it is declared as the National Bird - in lowland rain forests from Fly River (uncommon) east to Milne Bay then westwards in coastal forests to Madang; an isolate occurs in the Baiyer River Valley. Males have communal display trees where they dance and call vigorously to attract females - Lek behaviour. Mating is brief, the iris almost closing completely during height of the display, as in photograph. Feeds on fruit and insects.  Plumes are highly prized as bills (=decoration) for sing-sing head-dresses. PNG name - Kumul; Irian Jaya name for all BoP - Cenderiwasih. IUCN: Least Concern.    //Eric Lindgren//