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Head-dress and facial decoration on Mekeo youth, Papua New Guinea. Mekeo people come from the eastern parts of the Gulf Province and the western parts of the Central Province in south-central PNG. Their spectacular costuming (=bilas=decoration) favours use of bright yellow on face and body. Head-dresses are a characteristic shape and made from feathers of the Eclectus Parrot (red), Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (white) and domestic fowl (black). The round decorations are mother of pearl shell or giant clam shell overlaid with fret-worked tortoise-shell (=kapkap). The head-band is made from tiny beads of assorted colours. The shiny crescent-shaped necklet (=kina - also name for the 'dollar' coin in PNG currency) below the chin is  part of a Gold-lipped Pearl Shell.  //  Eclectus Parrot - Psittacidae: Eclectus roratus. Length to 43cm, wingspan to NNcm, weight to 550g. Male - green, female - bright red. In New Guinea widespread in lowland rain forests to 1000m. Also in Lesser Sunda Islands, Malukus (Moluccas), east to Solomon Islands. In Australia only in eastern Cape York rain-forests. //  Gold-lipped Pearl Shell - Pteriidae: Pinctada maxima. Much prized by Papua New Guineans and throughout the Pacific for use as body decorations. A pearl-producing oyster found in the south-west and central Pacific Ocean.  //Eric Lindgren//