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A male Red-necked Wallaby checks a female to determine if she is available for mating. These wallabies have a white stripe on upper lip, black nose and paws, and reddish tinge to parts of their fur. This colour is especially noticeable on the hind-neck. By sniffing the female's genital region he can determine if she is suitable to mate with.  //  Red-necked Wallaby - Macropodidae: Macropus rufogriseus. Body length to 90cm, tail similar. Weight to 18kg. Endemic to Australia. Occurs in sclerophyll woodland along the eastern coast of Australia, from Rockhampton in central Queensland, to eastern South Australia, and Tasmania and some islands of the Bass Strait. Introduced into New Zealand. Small groups in Scotland, England, France. Nocturnal, feeding at night in open grassland, sleeping during the day in adjacent wooded areas.