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A male Australian Magpie (Artamidae (=Cracticidae): Cracticus (=Gymnorhina) tibicen) stares at a photographer before accepting a morsel of food from his hands.  //  Australian Magpie - Artamidae (=Cracticidae): Cracticus (=Gymnorhina) tibicen - length to 44cm; wingspan to 85cm; weight to 350g. Feeds mostly on the ground - insects, worms, small vertebrates, and frequently seen listening for subterranean noise from insect larvae that it digs up.  A sociable widespread species usually found in groups throughout most of Australia except for the heavily forested areas and the far northern coastal areas. A number of regional subspecies were previously classified as full species. May be aggressive during breeding season, especially if provoked by stone or stick throwing, and will swoop and dive at the transgressor to sometimes spear them with the sharp beak. Adult males are clear black and white, whereas females have varying degrees of grey feathering according to subspecies. Adult eyes are bright brown, juveniles are duller.  Juveniles are mottled brown or grey underneath. Has a very pleasant carolling song, as well as sharp alarm calls. Also found in the trans-Fly River area of New Guinea.