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Skipper Butterfly on Red-flowering Gum flower-buds.  //  Skipper butterflies - Hesperiidae: various species all mainly shades of dull browns and yellows. Skippers have a distinctive darting flight pattern and a moth-like appearance. They are separated from the 'true' butterflies by their larger eyes, generally hairy body, hooked antennae, and a resemblance to moths. They mostly rest with their forewings vertical and hindwing horizontal; the posture in this photo is unusual but not uncommon. // Red-flowering Gum - Myrtaceae: Corymbia (=Eucalyptus) ficifolia. Height to 8m, depending on habitat. DBH: to 50cm. Occurs in the wild near Walpole in south-west Western Australia preferring sandy soils, but often hybridises with the closely related Marri tree (C. calophylla). Flowers can be crimson, red, orange, pink, dull white.  Popular as an ornamental tree because of its colourful flowers and tolerance of a wide range of climatic conditions.   //