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Parasitologist Dr Ifor Owen searches for Javan Rusa deer on the Bula Plains in the remote south-west corner of Papua New Guinea, October 1969 - near the Bensbach River, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. The Mini-moke and its dust cloud during the dry season (Laurabada of the Motu people) contrasts with the canoe that was tethered to a pole in waist-deep water during the wet season (Lahara of the Motu people). Javan Rusa Deer were introduced the Merauke area of south-eastern Dutch New Guinea (now Irian Jaya) early in the 20th Century and have spread slowly in an easterly direction into PNG. Research into the biology of the deer took place during the late 1960s and 1970s from Balumuk Research Station operated by the Australian Administration before PNG Independence in 1975. The mouth of the Bensbach River marks the southern border between PNG and Irian Jaya. //  Javan Rusa - Cervidae: Rusa timoriensis. A tropical deer occurring originally in Indonesia (Java and Bali) but introduced to many areas throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific, especially islands from Mauritius in the west to New Caledonia in the east.  //   Dr Eric Lindgren   //