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An immature Australian King Parrot suffering from Beak & Feather Disease feeds upon a fruit on a Loquat Tree.   //   Australian King Parrot - Psittacidae: Alisterus scapularis. Length to 43cm, wingspan to XXXX , weight to 210g . Found in tropical and temperate rain forests, woodland and suburban areas  on the east coast of Australia from Cooktown in Queensland, to Otway Range in Victoria. Immature birds have similar plumage to the female - green head and neck, remainder duller than male, and bill black. Solitary or in small groups. Conservation Status: Least Concern.  /  Loquat Tree - Rosaceae: Eriobotrya japonica. Height to 10m, usually to 4m, canopy to 4m. Fruit round to oval, length to 5cm. Edible, with a sweet pulp and large central seeds. Flowers white, 2cm. Originally from south-east China, introduced to Japan, now grown world-wide in suitable climates.  Also known as Japanese Medlar,  Japanese Plum, Chinese Plum.  /  Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease, attacks Parrots and Hookbills - Circoviridae: Circovirus sp. Attacks feather follicles, causing deformed feathers, ultimately destroying all feathers on a bird and leading to loss of flight and death.  Beak and claws become overgrown and deformed, leading to inability to feed and ultimately death. Transmitted by direct contact with infected birds, often from parents, as chicks in the nest hole, or from congregations on bird feeders.