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Two adult Asian House Geckoes struggle for ownership of a moth while perched upside-down on the ceiling of a suburban verandah.  //  Asian House Gecko (also known as House Gecko, Pacific House Gecko, Common House Gecko)  - Gekkonidae: Hemidactylus frenatus. Body+tail length to 15cm. Originally found in south-east Asia and North Africa, this species is now being accidentally transported around the world in commerce, and has become widespread in tropical and sub-tropical regions - in Australia frequents bushland and buildings in the northern coastal to arid habitats in the eastern states. Individuals live to 5 years, and have a distinctive repeated clacking voice lasting about 5 seconds. Food consists mainly of arthropods - insects, spiders, etc. of a suitable size. Pads on toes contain sub-microscopic hairs - about a billion per gecko - ending in suction pads allowing the gecko to walk across vertical surfaces, and upside-down. //