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Flock Pigeon - Head study, captive male from Derby, Western Australia.   //  Flock Pigeon: Columbidae: Phaps histrionica. Length to 28cm; wingspan to 215cm; weight to 300g. Female duller than male. An Australian endemic pigeon of the Bronzewing group.  Occurs from the Kimberley Region in northern Western Australia, south-west inland through the Northern Territory to south-west Queensland and north-west New South Wales. Prefers open sclerophyll woodland and plains in arid areas, where it rests for most of the day in the shade, and is most active at sunrise and sunset. Feeds on seeds of grasses and herbaceous plants. Once abundant , now of sporadic occurrence throughout its range, but breeds quickly after heavy inland rains and may occur in tight flocks of thousands of individuals. IUCN Status: Least Concern.   //   Dr Eric Lindgren. EL, PS.  //