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Silver Gull - adult with fishing line around leg - Redcliffe near Brisbane, Australia  //   Silver Gull - Laridae: Chroicocephalus (=Larus) novaehollandiae. Length to 45cm, wingspan to 95cm, weight to 315g. This bird has a fishing line wrapped around its left leg, strangling the foot. This will eventually drop off and the bird will be unable to maintain itself. Found around the coast of Australia, mainly in the southern half. Also in New Caledonia, and vagrants to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. May move into inland areas when rains have resulted in abundant food supplies in temporary waters. Opportunistic breeder depending on climate, but regular where it is a more sedentary species.  A scavenger that often harries other seabirds and steals their food. Becoming a pest around rubbish (garbage) dumps near many larger cities and towns. Adults have bright red soft parts, immatures have dark brownish-black. Juvenile birds have much brown in their plumage, especially on the wing-coverts.   IUCN Status:  Least concern.  //Eric Lindgren//