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An Australian Tawny Frogmouth, also known as Tawny-shouldered Frogmouth, or (incorrectly) as Mopoke, Morepoke and Frogmouth Owl, roosts during the daytime in a Cajuput Tree in a suburban street.   //  Tawny Frogmouth - Podargidae: Podargus strigoides. Length to 50cm. Found in open woodland throughout Australia, Tasmania, southern New Guinea. Nocturnal, preys on insects and small vertebrates scooped up with broad beak.  Weak anisodactyl toes are useless for catching prey.  /  Cajuput Tree Myrtaceae: Melaleuca leucadendra. Height to 40m, Found in tropical Australia, north to southern New Guinea, then south-east to the Solomon Islands. Common especially near water. Paperbark, drought tolerant, popular ornamental tree in in parks and gardens. Cajuput oil is distilled from the leaves for medicinal purposes.