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Raised beaches - wave-cut platforms    /    Staircase-like raised coral terraces along the Finschhafen coast (=The Rai Coast) of the Huon Peninsula, on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. These are the result of tectonic uplift in the Pleistocene and Recent geologic periods, when irregular increases in upward thrust allowed coral reefs to develop along the shoreline, before being raised above sea level and changing to limestone terraces. About twenty terraces are present, rising to a height of 200m above sea level, and each representing an ancient shoreline. Covered predominantly in grasses, with treed areas in erosion channels, the terraces are not suitable for village gardens; most villages along this coast rely principally upon fishing as the main source of food.   /   near Sialum, Finschhafen Coast, Morobe Province, PNG.