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Little Kingfisher at night-time roost.   //   Little Kingfisher - Alcedinidae: Ceyx (=Alcedo) pusilla. Length to 13cm, wingspan to NNcm, weight to 25g. In Australia along the northern coast from the Northern Territory eastwards to Cape York, then south to central Queensland. The smallest Australian kingfisher, nests in a burrow in the bank of a creek or river. Prefers well-vegetated habitats including mangroves and Pandanus copses along coastal waterways. In eastern Indonesia in lowland rainforest creeks, mangroves - usually with a closed canopy, from the Moluccas (=Maluku Province) eastwards through New Guinea to the Solomon Islands (Bougainville Province). Sleeps with beak tucked under back feathers and toes under fluffed-up abdominal feathers, on a thin horizontal twig about 2-2.5m above ground. This individual has just opened its eyes after becoming aware of the photographer's flash. IUCN Status: Least Concern.   //Eric Lindgren//