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Galah - head study of male, Brisbane Australia.    //   Galah - Cacatuidae (=Psittacidae): Eolophus (= Cacatua) roseicapilla. Length to 36cm, wingspan to NNcm, weight to 340g. Male with brown iris, female red. Endemic in Australia and north-west Tasmania, except in heavily canopied rainforests and the tip of Cape York. Usually drinks daily, therefore needs a nearby water source in its environment. Social, huge flocks may occur in agricultural regions, causing damge to crops. Feeds on on the ground on seeds. Nests in a tree hollow. Increasing range towards coastal areas at the present time. Also know as Rose-breasted Cockatoo, Roseate Cockatoo, Pink and Grey Galah. Hybrids are known with Major Mitchell's Cockatoo and the Little Corella. A popular cage bird. IUCN Status: Least Concern.  // Eric Lindgren//