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A Maroon Clownfish (Pomacentridae: Premnas biaculeatus) shelters in the tentacles of its host anemone, often a Bubble-tip Anemone as shown, or  a Sebae Anemone   //   Tomato Clownfish (Pomicentridae: Premnas aculeatus), Length to 17cm. The single member of the Sabre-cheeked Clownfish family, Maroon Clownfish are easily identified by the smaller lower spine and the larger spine below the eye that extends well across the cheek.   Found on tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from Taiwan south to Malaysia and eastwards through Indonesia to New Guinea and the Great Barrier Reef. Also known as the Maroon Anemonefish, Spine-cheeked Clownfish. Do not confuse with the Tomato Clownfish which has no cheek-spines and only one white stripe .  Common.   //   Bubble-tip anemones - Actinidae: Entacmaea spp) Diameter to 30cm, often solitary in deeper waters, clusters in shallower waters.   //