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The Welcome Canoe from Kamiali Guest House, Papua New Guinea.  //  Kamiali Guest House is entry to the Kamilali Wildlife Management Area (KWMA) on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. At 47,000Ha =(103,000 acres) KWMA is one of Papua New Guinea's largest Conservation Areas, with many endemic species of wildlife. Encompassing marine and terrestrial environments, habitats include oceanic islands, freshwater lakes, fast-flowing pristine rivers, lowland rainforest, and mid-montane rainforests. Migrating animals include bird species from the Australia during the dry season (mid-year), or from the northern hemisphere during the wet season (=Xmas months). Leatherback Turtles nest on the beaches and move south-easterly as far as New Caledonia and Fiji in the non-breeding season. A low cost Guest House is run by the nearby Lababia villagers. An important battle site during World War 2, and near Salamaua where major battles took place.  //