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Early morning on the Bensbach River, Western Province, Papua New Guinea.    //  A villager from nearby Balumuk Research Station (now derelict) readies his canoe for a dawn patrol of the Bensbach River. He is checking nets set overnight for catfish and barramundi that breed in the river. The mouth of the Bensbach River marks the southern boundary between Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. Adjacent to the canoe mooring is the wide Bula Plains area, sparsely treed and seasonally flooded during the wet season Dec - March, and totally dry during the dry season in the middle of the year. A large population of Javan Rusa Deer (Cervidae: Rusa timoriensis), a tropical deer introduced from south-east Asia early in the 20th Century to southern-central New Guinea, inhabit this open plain. IUCN Status: Vulnerable.  // Dr Eric Lindgren, EL, PS. //