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Villager from Wangbin Village, Papua New Guinea.   //   A villager from Wangbin Village near Ok Tedi copper mine in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea surveys the effects of an afternoon rain-shower. One of the Min speakers from the central cordillera of New Guinea, his village lies at 2200m=6500feet, near the Ok Tedi River and the sheer vertical drop of the Hindenburg Wall over 1000m in height, and south of the rugged Star Mountains. Males in this area wear only a penis sheath, made from a gourd from a rainforest plant. In boys the sheath is walnut size, in older men up to 75cm in length and requiring a cord at the tip to hold it up. The size of this man's stomach indicates he probably has an enlarged spleen caused by the malaria parasite (Plasmodium sp), common in the region. The large green leaves are his 'umbrella' in this area with very high rainfall - 10000mm=32 feet per year . Photograph taken in 1977 before mining commenced at Ok Tedi Copper Mine in 1984.   //Dr Eric Lindgren//