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Western Desert hunter carries Red Kangaroo back to camp, Warburton Ranges, Western Australia, 1965  // The  Western Desert language group (Anangu) is made of similar dialects differing only in minor details, such as occasional noun or verb changes for common words. They occur in the deserts of Western and South Australia, and the Northern Territory. It is one of the main Australian Aboriginal languages and is still spoken widely in communities throughout the deserts. The main dialect is Pitjantatjara of central Australia. Common to most speakers is the Dreamtime tale of the creation of their environment by Wati Kutjarra, two mythical beings who roamed the land and created many of the features needed for Aboriginal survival.  / Warburton Mission was established in 1933, became a  self-managed Aboriginal Community in 1973, and is the centre of an active 'dot painting' style of art now widely sought the world over.  / Red Kangaroo. Macropodidae: Macropus rufus. Length to 3m including tail (1m); height to 1.5m male, 1.1m female, males can hop to almost 10m. The largest existing marsupial. Occurs throughout the pastoral regions (ranchlands) of outback Australia in open grassland, scrubland and spinifex desert areas, preferring scattered trees used as daytime rest areas. This male has been gutted in the field through a small (4cm) opening in the abdomen. The gall bladder was carefully removed to avoid contamination with bile, then the internal organs were extracted. The intestines can be seen binding the legs and tail together for transport back to camp. When fried the intestines contract and look like a string of sausages. Abundant, in places a concern to pastoralists because of competition for food and water. A regulated commercial culling is controlled by the government Parks and Wildlife Services for leather and meat which is almost fat-free and highly nutritious. IUCN Status: Least Concern.  // Dr Eric Lindgren. EL, PS.