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Sunset over Mt Nebiri, near Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.  //  Mt Nebiri was a prominent landmark to the north of Port Moresby in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea. It has been in continual use as a quarry (Nebiri Quarry) for road bases around POM since WW2. From the north it had a prominent double peak during World War 2, and was used by USAAF airmen as a locator on return trips from sorties throughout PNG. Because of its double peak it was then colloquially known as 'Twin Tits' and no doubt the airmen welcomed the sight as they approached their home airstrips nearby. To the east: Berry  Airfield (=12 Mile Drome), home of the famed 49th Fighter Group of the US Fifth Air Force, is now the site of Bomana Police College.  To the north-west: Durand Airfield (=17 Mile Drome), now barely recognisible, was home mainly to B-25 Mitchell bombers, including the 499th Bomb Squadron of the 345th Bomb Group.  // Dr Eric Lindgren   //  EL  //