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Asian House Gecko walks on water: In the cold water of a suburban pool in winter an Asian House Gecko is kept afloat by the surface tension of  water molecules.  //  Asian House Gecko - Gekkonidae: Hemidactylus frenatus. Length: body to 6cm plus 11cm tail. Hue depends upon intensity of light: bright light - darker colour, dim light - lighter colour. Originally from south-east Asia and islands and mainlands of the Indo-Pacific Region, this Gecko is now spreading throughout the world mainly in cargo on ships. Initially in tropical areas, but now gradually moving into a wide variety of warmer climates. It is common in buildings where it walks on walls and ceilings, catching insects attracted to lights. Has a distinctive clicking 'chuck-chuck-chuck' call. Here it is supported by the surface tension of water after it has fallen into a swimming pool - cohesion of the water molecules is greater than the force of gravity caused by the weight of the gecko.