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An Australian Pacific Black Duck bathes in a suburban swimming pool. Following a vigorous session of flapping, dunking, and dousing these ducks stand on the water and flap strongly to remove any tracs of water from their wings. //  Pacific Black Duck - Anatidae: Anas superciliosa. Length to 60cm; wingspan to 95cm; weight to 1.1kg. In Australia widespread throughout all habitats except the sandy and stony desert regions, though in times of high rainfall will be present anywhere there is surface water. Nomadic, or sedentary especially in well-watered areas. Very common in urban parks where it quickly learns to accept food from visitors. Hybrids with the introduced Mallard (A. platyrhynchos) are relatively common, distinguished by the orange flush on the normally grey-brown legs and feet, and interruptions in the regular feather pattern on the body. Sedentary in well-watered areas or nomadic in times of high rainfall, wandering anywhere throughout the continent during the night. Extra-Australian distribution from Indonesia, through New Guinea east to Polynesia, north to the Caroline Islands, south to New Zealand.  Has a brilliant iridescent-green speculum on each wing, and complex display rituals.