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Carpet Snake bite marks on the arm of a 77 year-old man, Brisbane Australia.   /   Carpet Python - Morelia spilota. Also known as Carpet Snake, Diamond Python. Length to 4.5m, weight to 15kg, female larger than male. Occurs in throughout Australia except in extreme desert habitats; southern New Guinea, and Indonesia (Merauke area of Irian Jaya). Colour varies according to habitat - reddish in desert areas, blackish in rainforests. Non-venomous, but bite may cause a shallow penetrating wound on the skin. If bacteria are present on the teeth, or teeth break off in the wound then infection may occur. An egg-layer, females lay up to 50 eggs and protect them while they develop. Often sleep during the day coiled on a sheltered branch near a tree trunk - birds such as Noisy Miners, Currawongs, Butcher-birds have special calls to draw attention to the snake, and other species may also congregate around it, curious as to its presence. Carnivorous, eating mainly smaller ground- and tree-dwelling vertebrates.  Usually docile as an adult and a popular pet where regulations allow. Lives to 20 years.    IUCN Status: Least Concern.   //Dr Eric Lindgren//