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Powerful Owl eating Brushtail Possum, Brisbane Australia.   //   Powerful Owl - Strigidae: Ninox strenua. Length to 65cm, wingspan to 140cm, weight to 1.5kg.  Occurs in dry sclerophyll woodland of eastern Australia, from central Queensland (Dawson River) to western Victoria. The largest owl in Australia. Usually prefers gullies with dense vegetation along their banks. Nests in a +/- vertical hollow in a tree trunk, usually 15m or more above ground. Pairs remain together, probably for life, and use the same nesting hollow for many years. While one bird is in the nest during the day the partner sleeps nearby, often with half-eaten food clutched in its talons. Food is caught in trees and includes flying foxes, gliders, Koalas, possums, and sleeping diurnal birds. The fledgling is amost all white underneath, with a dark-grey mask around the eyes. IUCN Status: Least Concern. // Common Brushtail Possum - Phalangeridae: Trichosurus vulpecula. Length to 50cm, plus tail of 40cm, weight to 4Kg. Common in dry and wet sclerophyll woodland throughout Australia, except for arid and desert regions. Introduced into New Zealand where now in pest proportions.  A frequent inhabitant of the space above the ceiling in houses, and often becomes tame near humans- accepting food by hand. IUCN Status: Least Concern.   //Eric Lindgren//