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Australian Common Brushtail Possum - head study.  //  Common Brushtail Possum - Phalangeridae: Trichosurus vulpecula. Length to 35cm  plus tail 35cm.  Occurs in forests, woodlands, and urban areas in Australia from Broome in north-west Western Australia, through the Kimberley Region, and around the east coast to South Australia and Tasmania.  Also occurs in the forested south west of Western Australia, and in isolated pockets throughout arid areas.  Feeds mainly on foliage. Common and tame in urban areas, where often seen during the night on power lines outside suburban housing as it wends its way to its favoured feeding grounds. Nocturnal, sleeps during daytime in a hollow tree, or in cavities in buildings in urban areas. Introduced to New Zealand in early 19th Century, it is now a serious pest species. Common. IUCN Status: Least Concern.   //Eric Lindgren//